i enjoy the legend of zelda a normal amount

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who needs the zelda wikipedia when you have me

disclaimer before every zelda infodump: i simply do not find the hyrule historia timeline to be canon. also i'll get around the makin this coherent at some point.

here is a timeline that simply makes more sense in my brain, created by squid-ink-personal

listen man the zelda timeline is unbelievably confusin, and the Official Timeline tm makes . little sense with a general idea of the canon and just my own personal fan theories. it's also important to note that while i haven't played ALL of the games by myself, i have played a majority of them and/or have watched a playthrough. if you need a playthrough rec, i'm not the person to ask i just watch longplays.

i also need to state that i Really enjoy the whole timeline split. if this timeline was Perfect there would not be a timeline split after oot, but i simply think it makes it more interesting

i think that skyward sword coming first in the timeline is less of a fan theory and more of a Canon fact as well. (i specifically mean games btw, i'm aware that he's not the First Hero, but skyward sword is definitely meant to be the First in the timeline) i also want to say that it's important to remember the timeline was not really meant to be a Thing until after Many of the games were released, so a large majority of the games do not fit in a timeline. some of these i have Very strong opinions on where they should be, and some of the games simply just . are put in there. i can rant more about the timeline but i just want to say that the timeline i put in earlier is the general idea of what i believe to be the timeline.

my favorite zelda is twilight princess and i need everyone to know it. i also really think that creatin the twilight realm and makin it lame as fuck was really uncool of nintendo. like that could've been an entire thing! it only really gets adressed in the Singular game, and never elaborated on. i want to know more about this entire Other World. also midna is the character of all time. i will admit that i do actually Really enjoy the whole wolf thing but that might just be a me thing. twilight princess not bein released on the switch is a CRIME.