welcome to my site!

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hello i'm phantom! my friends are allowed to use my actual names but i'd prefer not to say it if you don't already know. i'm a senior in high school, and I plan to go into cetology! i'm also interested in all things related to marine life. i enjoy things like computers, coding, and tech in general, but unfortunately i am not too good at it. i made this site to help me with that, along with slowly teaching myself all about coding and computers!

i'd love to be friends if we have any common interests! i love love love legend of zelda, but i also enjoy bandom (specifically the academy is..., cobra starship / midtown, and gym class heroes), other nintendo games, witch hat atalier, and bleach! i have many other interests, if you would like to look, here is a good place to find me, although i tend to randomly go less active.

here's a couple of my fave games :D

  • legend of zelda, specifically twilight princess
  • hades
  • stardew valley
  • earthbound
  • deltarune

maybe the real home was the stuck we made along the way

tuxedo cat fanclub

check out my cowboy